Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everybody Loves Raymond - The Bachelor Party Episode

Another episode in the ongoing derision of the accordion, from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Ray throws a bachelor party for his brother, Robert, at the lodge. Even though it's supposed to be a second, improved party, it's pretty lame. The banner is printed with the wrong name, there is no booze and no strippers, and of course... includes an accordion player.

I have no idea if the director knew that he was making the scene look extra stupid or not. Notice that the player's right thumb is held behind the accordion case. This is not how an accordion is played... so it's obvious that the music was faked.

The instrument is a 72 bass piano accordion.

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  1. Well, the director has different point of view in hosting or screening a bachelor party. After all, we all have different standards and views in life. It is just like the saying, "what's valid for you may not be valid for me and what's valid for me may not be valid for you." But at least all of us have a reason/s to remember the show.

    Phoenix Edler


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