Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comment on Comments

Just discovered that I never set this blog up to notify me when there were comments made, so I've been thinking that no one ever read this blog. Sorry, all those of you who have been reading and commenting, and thought I didn't care!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June is National Accordion Awareness Month

Who knew?

I have to celebrate, right? I'm going to try to practice a little bit every day. We'll see if that results in another video to share. I have to say that my abilities today (after many months of no playing) were rather appalling.

I practiced:
Polka Mazurka
Come Back to Sorrento
Julida Polka
Cadet Boogie
Gay Vienna (named when gay meant happy)

I didn't even try any of the hard stuff. Is anyone out there? Shall I make a poll to let you choose which one I should practice hardest?

Hrustevich Plays "Presto" from Vivaldi's Summer

Here is one amazing piece of accordion playing, and by a young person at that!

He's performing what is called "bellows shake" throughout, and that takes a fantastic amount of arm muscle in addition to actually playing the notes.