Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waltz of Love

American pop music to the contrary, the accordion is a very popular instrument in many cultures. The above was recorded at a Slovenian gathering near Cleveland, Ohio, on January 23. Frank Moravcik and his band are playing Waltz of Love, written in 1965 by Stan Blout. Waltz of Love was voted 2009 "Greatest All-Time Hit Song" at the XXII Polkas International Award Show in Cleveland, Ohio.

For more about the song, visit the Slovene-American Club of Spring Hill


  1. Hi Shark,
    I'm glad you like my Waltz of Love video and thank you for publishing it on your blog.

    One small correction, this video was taken at Slovenian-American Club's dance in Spring Hill, Florida (not in Ohio).

    Wishing you best of luck and lots of fun with everything you do!! :)

  2. Accordion is such a unique instrument! I still remember being fascinated watching my sister play hers and being amazed watching her fingers pressing all those keys & buttons!



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